The mission of EvConFITNESS is to connect your event with wellness.

A major priority and commonality for people with a busy career is their personal wellness. We can release our stress, meet and make new friends and professional contacts and keep both mental and physical health in check.

EvConFITNESS matches events with certified and highly experienced fitness instructors to make it easier for attendees to keep up with their commitments in person or virtually. Providing wellness classes is one more way to engage, connect, and network with your attendees.

Events, wellness and connection have completely shifted over the last year and ECF has also moved into this new virtual reality world by providing virtual wellness classes specifically tailored for your event.


Hadley McClellan, Founder

Hadley has been planning and managing conferences for nearly 20 years. She discovered her love of yoga in 2006 and quickly realized the positive effect it could have on her life, especially at work. When she was at events away from home, she would bring her yoga mat and practice in her hotel room, often times because finding a yoga studio too much effort and time away from where she was supposed to be. When that happened, she missed the energy of other people in the room and the discipline of the practice taught by other instructors.

In 2013, Hadley received her certification to teach yoga and while still managing major conferences around the world, she knew there had to be a way to combine her two passions. While teaching yoga at a conference in 2016 to event organizers, she realized what was missing – the link that makes connection to wellness for event organizers.

EvConFITNESS was built to provide that value add to attendees, just what the industry needs!