Instructor Registration

Certified fitness instructors will be included in the database for EvConFitness. EvConFitness will connect you with an Event in your area. Your information on this site will remain private and secure. You will be invited to participate in classes upon your availability and location. EvConFitness instructors will receive an email notification upon completion of this application with log in information, fee structure, requirements and our contact information should you have any additional questions. If you are certified in any other fitness areas to be considered, please let us know.

an image or scanned copy of registered certification

an image or scanned copy of registered certification

EvConFitness Instructors are required to have a minimum of 25 hours of teaching. Special requests and considerations may be made.

If you do not have personal liability insurance, you will be eligible to teach, however your class rate will vary accordingly.

This is not required, but some conferences may ask for photo for marketing materials if you choose to have yours included.

resume not required for this application