The addiction

My name is Hadley and I have a confession as an event attendee and an event organizer…

When I walk into breakfast on the first morning of any event and see in front of me not only my nemesis, but my Everest too…the beloved and dreaded breakfast buffet, I get almost as excited as a child at a birthday party. I have a standard statement I tell the people who dare to walk into a buffet with me and it is, “Be careful, I love breakfast buffets and I’ll likely be going back for more, again…and again”. I love food, and as an event organizer, one of my biggest fails, is I love conference food. Because, something happens to my reality, I believe at that moment I will never see all of that food together, again…until the next event.

I workout so I can eat what I want

That’s not true for me. I workout because I like the way my body feels, the way that I can escape my stress, my phone, and my plans. I eat well, in fact, I eat quite healthy and hearty meals. I eat 5 times a day in fact. Yep, 5 times a day I’m shoveling food into my mouth and it is carefully planned out. I am never early to work because I’m too busy packing my lunch sack that is always too small for the amount of tupperwear I shove into it each day. But my meals are hearty with veggies and protein and my snacks are carefully measured out.

I have ZERO Willpower

But if you put a cookie in front of me, or bottomless pancakes or platters of cheese and fruit, my body reaches for it faster than my brain can make an honest effort to tell it to stop. This is why I do not keep these things in my house. I avoid the temptation, by not bringing it home. But what happens when I leave home for an event and justify my indulgences with “It’s included in the price!”? Can you relate to this? I will not stand for you leaving me alone here…I know I am not the ONLY person who has a weakness around buffets, afternoon cookie breaks and the shrimp kabob and crab cake appetizers that pass in front of us at a conference just begging you not to let them go to waste.

So what is the point?

Fitness is a part of my life and it is a part of so many of the lives of your attendees, but what isn’t a regular part of our lives is conference food that is included in the price. So why not include wellness classes in the price? You already have the conference space or access to areas around the convention center or hotel to host classes. And now your attendees can indulge, they can be like me and think they must eat the food because it is included in the price AND they can hit that fitness class up because it too, is included in the price and do you know what that ultimately means? It means you made the connection between indulgances and health, to your attendees and their wellbeing, and between your event and wellness.