So you have decided to bring in a fitness instructor to your event, but how do you bring your event to the fitness class? There are so many ways to incorporate wellness into your program, but you have to do some of the work. Maybe your event is about technology or pet medicine or drilling in the oilfield…whatever your topic, you can find a way to market this out of the box idea you’ve incorporated into the program.

Awareness First

You put it on your website and it is included in the online program, but have you been specific? Have you shared a photo on social media or a description in one of your registration emails? Think about this, if you are traveling to an event and don’t know that a bootcamp class is being offered for free at the hotel or convention center, did you just happen to pack your tennis shoes? When you didn’t think you would have time to get in a work out, probably not. If you are going to an event and they are offering a yoga class with yoga mats provided and you didn’t know, did you lug your travel mat onto the plane as one of your carry-ons and bank like 5 people on the way back to your seat? As the event marketer, it is your job to inform of all the great speakers and fun receptions you have planned, but it is also necessary to market your new wellness event so your attendees can prepare!

Tools to Market

There’s social media, marketing and email campaigns, advertisements, press releases and more all available at your disposal to market your event. You and your team have spent hours putting together a plan on how to market this speaker or that panel, this CE credit or that certification. But what about putting together a plan to market the additional offerings? If you have puppies or goats, the people will hear and they will likely come. If you have Zumba or Yoga or HIIT, you may need to put in a little extra to get them to pay attention. Perhaps a press release pre-event about bringing Bootcamp to Vetrinarians or Yoga to Oil Drillers. Imagine the press you would get after the event when people show up and the buzz starts hitting the conference room floor?

If you Build It

You wanted to be unique, you wanted to connect with your attendees on a new level. Do you think one person showing up is a failure? Did you market it? Did you put it in the plan to advertise it? Let’s consider what you did to expose this new concept and then let’s look at how successful it was. How many times have you launched a new idea and it flew off the shelves (so to speak) in success? Things need to build legs and you have to help make that happen. We can make that happen together. Because as they say, if you build it, they will come.