You NEED to do This Now

I woke up one morning in July of 2013 and decided I needed to go to India and get certified to teach yoga. It had been in the back of my mind for about 3 years but one morning it just hit me like a ton of bricks, “You NEED to do this”. I left everything I knew for everything I didn’t. This was the first time I decided I needed to train for something outside of my professional career as an event planner. I will fill you in on that entire journey another day, but today is about waking up my inner trainee.

Waking Up the Inner Trainee

One morning in 2014 I decided I needed to leave the corporate world and get a backpack and travel around South America. I did not have a plan, but I was trusting that the training I received while I was in India would work. As long as I put my desire out into the universe, I would just need to trust that my body and spirit were capable and the Universe would provide. I would elaborate on being capable of what but that’s not the intention of today, today is about training. I used five weeks to train myself to be able hike up to fifteen thousand feet on my sixth week by breath, by communication, by one foot in front of the other and by willpower.

Using Training in Opposite Ways

One morning in 2015 I decided it was time for me to step out again into the unknown and find a home to teach yoga. I had trained to teach, I had learned to practice, I had studied the Gita and the Sutras and how to teach yoga to all. And when I got into my first classroom to teach, I had to train myself to see people not as I was taught. They were not like me. They had not practiced yoga for years and gone to India to study in an Ashram. They were all different ages, all different personalities, all different shapes and sizes and they were all in the room for different reasons. I had to use my training as an event planner to understand people enough to be a better yoga teacher.

Progress in Training

So after all that, after all these big lessons in training. Training to teach yoga, training to travel the world, training to climb mountains, using my event planner training to be a better yoga trainer, and everything I didn’t mention, like training to run a half marathon, training to be an entrepreneur by reading the books, asking the questions, learning from failing…every single day I’m training for something. I consider wellness a constant act of training. Reminding myself what feels good and right and the difference in what is good and right. I’m a progress in training. Aren’t you?