Why Fitworking Works

People are invited to conferences and they are a dime a dozen. They have different audiences, different messages, different dates, locations, agendas and speakers, but they are conferences none the less and we all get invited to them. And as event organizers, we all invited people to ours. Just like no two conferences are alike, no two attendees are alike either.

Our Agenda Goals

Conference agendas cover topics that will challenge the attendees with game changing speakers who have the answers to the challenges and the solutions for improvement or predictions for the future. We, as event professionals want to engage with our audiences. We want to peak their interest, challenge their perceptions and improve whatever it may be. And, we are in the business of being better than the competitive events.

Why Should I include Networking

Most events of a competitive nature are attracting different types of people, some may want c-suite, some may want users, some may want seasoned professionals while others are engaging the next generation. And our agendas and our speakers reflect that goal. But, not everyone pays attention or knows who our intended audience is. They like the topics. They like the location. They like the dates. We make our decisions based on our likes, not always based on our needs. But…the networking sessions, the ones where people see who they can meet, times they can make their pitches, swap cards, engage with like-minded people, those can be the key drivers for someone clicking the Register Now button.

What do Silent discos, chocolate fountains, speed dating and wellness have in common?

So, you have included a chocolate fountain break in the afternoon and a silent disco in the evening and the speed dating morning sessions and all of these are great ideas to get people together. And what about the fitness connection? What about the people who get up every morning before work and run or workout or stretch and sweat? These are the people who like to find people with common interests to feel more comfortable at a conference locating a familiar face during the silent disco or the after glow. You can provide that connection! Let the Fitworking Commence!